Concrete Worktops vs. Wood Worktops – Which Is Better?

Two of the most utilized materials for worktops are concrete and wood. Concrete is a material that is gaining popularity in recent years. Being utilized in bathrooms, on floors, and as kitchen worktops, concrete has undoubtedly won the hearts of renovators. On the other hand, most of us are familiar with wood worktops and can be an attractive alternative. So what are the factors that help you decide which works better for you?

Do you enjoy Cooking?
For any person who loves Cooking, the kitchen is the core of their house. Not only is this a place where you devour the meals but also where you innovate new dishes. It is essential to remember that both the worktops are perfect backdrops to produce culinary art. However, both of these cannot tolerate heat from hot pans and pots being placed directly. Moreover, it would help if you did not chop directly on concrete worktops or even the wood worktops. Concrete worktops are more durable the both.

Modern Look
This is where concrete worktops win. The worktops offered by ConcreteMade come in a wide range of color and style choices. The possibilities are limitless, given that concrete can be molded in virtually any shape you desire. It implies that concrete worktops can offer the modern look that you have envisioned. On the contrary, wood worktops can also be shaped and colored; nonetheless, they tend to maintain a more classic outlook.

No matter which worktop alternative you select, it is imperative to ensure that they are correctly fitted and sealed. For this reason, you must hire professionals such as ConcreteMade that are up to the task. Even though wood and concrete worktops need to be mopped for stains, concrete worktops are easier to maintain, which is why they are gaining prevalence.

At ConcreteMade Ltd, we specialize in designing, engineering, transporting, and fitting custom-made concrete worktops for residential and commercial projects in the UK. We produce high-quality worktops, sinks and basins, and countertops. Our attention to detail and your satisfaction are significant for us. If you are on the mission to locate a company that can design vibrant, unusual, and chic concrete worktops and countertops, you have come to the right place.